About Wight & Emmett

"Since 1895"

Wight & Emmett is located in Bunbury, in the South West of Western Australia, we stock all your animal and small pet requirements. From stock feed, pet supplies, agricultural chemicals to seeds and fertilizers

Established in 1895, Wight & Emmett operated on the corner of Wellington St. and Carmody Pl. in Bunbury for 120 years.
In 2016 Wight & Emmett moved its stock feed business to 73 Craigie Street, Bunbury. With a huge warehouse, excellent customer parking and a stunning showroom, Wight & Emmett are ready to take care of all your stock feed, animal supplies and horse riding needs

Wight & Emmett carries a huge range of stock feed for a variety of farm animals including poultry, from chicks to hens, as well as fresh and dry feed for cats, dogs and small pets.
Our comprehensive range of horse feed varies from hard feed to hay and everything in between.


We stock a huge range of stock feed for a variety of animals, from horses, chooks and farm animals to small pets.

Vet & Care

We know how important animal health is and that is why we carry an extensive range of vet and care products.

Gear & Merchandise

Want to get the best gear? from horse riding, equestrian and polo to clothing and products for your animals - we stock it all.


looking for the perfect gift? We have a. wide range of accessories for you to browse through.

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Our Suppliers

Our story is real, and simple – every ingredient matters.

Everything we do, every product we make, is all about making sure your pet gets everything they need,
and nothing they don’t.

Real meat, real veggies. No fillers, no nasties. Nothing but the best for our besties.

HYGAIN Feeds Pty Ltd started as a one man operation in 1983. As a horse owner and competitor dissatisfied with the quality and nutritional standards of feeds available, Greg Manley decided to take things into his own hands and started developing and mixing nutritionally balanced feed formulas to feed his own horses and others in the local area. Through word of mouth demand for the product rapidly grew and soon outstripped the capacity of the one man operation resulting in the establishment of a dedicated equine feed mill and manufacturing facility in the heart of the Victorian equine industry, south east of Melbourne. Looking confidently to the future with well-established foundations and a great team sharing a common goal, HYGAIN® is progressively extending its global market share, continually evolving its products based on solid nutritional research applied to equine diets and the demands of an ever-changing world.

The horse feed market is very competitive with many brands competing for market share. We are often asked to explain how Mitavite feeds are different from our competitors. Of course there are many nutritional and manufacturing differences that make Mitavite feeds unique, however probably where the difference is most apparent and noticeable to a horse owner is in the formulation of our amino acid (protein) profiles and the effect that this has on a horses BMI, growth, performance and recovery after strenuous exercise.

Milne Feeds (Pegasus) is committed to quality control and assurance. It is our priority to ensure that the feeds manufactured and supplied by our mill are of the highest standard, and that our products and services exceed the expectations of our customers.

Thompson & Redwood makes affordable and nutritionally balanced stock feed for the horse and agricultural
industries. Our recipes never change and are milled daily from Western Australian grain so you know what
you’re feeding is healthy, natural and fresh.


Kohnke’s Own®, the range of products manufactured by John Kohnke Products, an Australian owned and based company, provides up-to-date supplement and horse care products, as well as a wide range of free information services to the horse industry.

Kong‘s is a wholesaler and developer of quality, value for money products to care for your pets, including fish, dogs, cats, small animals, birds and reptiles. At Kong’s we know that your pets are members of your family as they are in ours and we are an Australian owned company.

The company was formed in 1991 and has since progressed to become a leading National Distributor of aquarium and pet products. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings, having established trading partners in China and other parts of the globe, and developed our own “ONE” brands, which are well recognised both nationally and internationally. The five major brands which make up the ‘One Brands’ family consist of: Aqua One®, Avi One®, Pet One®, Pond One® and Reptile One®.

At PEDIGREE® we believe that every dog deserves a loving home, and that every dog deserves Vital Protection®. From over 40 years experience of developing PEDIGREE® recipes, we have a range that is designed to protect your dog in four ways: to help support a strong immune system, a healthy skin and coat, good digestion and healthy teeth. Every bag of PEDIGREE® is packed with nutrition your dog needs to keep them healthy and full of vitality.

ADVANCE™ has been developed using global science and is tested locally to ensure it meets the needs of Australian pets.

TRM, Europe’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Nutritional Feeds Supplements and General Healthcare products for Horses, is a brand with a long standing reputation for integrity and excellence in the field.

A commitment to quality and ongoing innovation has created a globally recognised company in the manufacture and distribution of Nutritional Feed Supplements and Healthcare products for horses.

Saddlery Trading Company has been distributing equestrian products to retailers for over 30 years to the Australian market and exports to international distributors. Our products are stocked at over 800 saddlery stores across Australia.

We offer the largest range of horse items in Australia, with over 17,000 products lines. Our well known brands include Tekna, Horse Sense, Ord River, Equi-Prene, Stock-Safe, Alto-Lab , GG Australia, Sterling, Ambassador, Bambino Pony Gear and many more.

As promised from day one, personal service and quality will never be compromised.

Nearly 30 years down the track, Pryde’s EasiFeed continues to stand as a proud Australian family business. Based in Gunnedah on the Liverpool plains, Pryde’s is the only facility of its type producing extruded cubes, extruded sweet feeds and pellets on three separate production lines.

Dedicated to equine, Pryde’s EasiFeed falls under the SFMA regulations FeedSafe Accreditation Program.